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Welcome to the era of spatial computing.

Apple Vision Pro has the familiar apps you know and love — transformed to live in your space. Like Safari, Photos, Music, and Messages. And with iCloud, your content is automatically synced with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

A brand‑new App Store will launch with Apple Vision Pro, featuring groundbreaking apps built for visionOS, as well as compatible iPad and iPhone apps.

Environments magically transform your surroundings with stunning landscapes, letting apps grow beyond the dimensions of your room, and creating the perfect place to focus.

Apple Vision Pro brings 3D objects to life. You can pull a 3D object out of an app and look at it from every angle, as if it’s right in front of you.

Apps can expand fully into your space, like during a Mindfulness session, where you can create a private moment of calm.

Bring your Mac wirelessly into Apple Vision Pro with Mac Virtual Display. You can place it anywhere in space and use Apple Vision Pro as an enormous, private, portable 4K display.